A few decades ago when I was a little boy my father took our family on a road trip to discover America in our new Ford van.  I was just five years old but the memories of that trip are ones I cherish.  As I grew older and became a father I also wanted to share this type of adventure with my children.  Unfortunately I never quite made it to a fiscal status that allowed me to travel for an extended trip with my kids so I settled for short excursions and camping adventures.

My kids are all grown now and I’ve had some health troubles that brought me face to face with my mortality.  I decided it was time to take that trip.  Unfortunately my kids had too much to do in their own lives to take a month or two off  to go traveling.  It saddens me to not have been able to share the adventure with them the way my father did with me but I hope this blog will help me to share the experience to some degree.

I took the following trip alone.  I was not as religious about writing and posting during the trip as I had hoped but it resulted in a wonderful adventure. I met a lot of great people.  Flew in some awesome places and found my calling.

This blog started out to document one adventure and has grown to document the remainder of my “Life In Flight”

One of my nieces who is on a break from college and her boyfriend are going to accompany me on this adventure to which we have decided to add a very fun twist.  We are towing a trailer behind my RV in which we are carrying a powered parachute.  We have each obtained instruction and are capable pilots of this wonderful craft.  We have already met some great people in the Ultralight and Light Sport flying communities and are hoping to meet many more during our travels.

Our trip will also receive a portion of it’s funding by utilizing the Uship website. This site will allow us to bid on shipping jobs based on the room in our trailer and our general direction of travel.

We are heading out with plans to meet some friends in the Chicago area on September 14. Then fly at HOPS airfield in Wakefield Illinois.
We plan to find as many privately owned powered parachute friendly air-parks and airfields as we possibly can on this trip which will eventually land us in Alaska.

As we travel we will take some time every few days to write here about our travels and hopefully post pictures and video.

Welcome to our adventure. If you wish to comment on our posts or make suggestions regarding places to visit or people to meet please post a comment. Comments will be moderated before they appear on the site. If you post any sort of spam it will not be posted and you may be banned from the site entirely.
This is a family oriented site so please moderate your content in regards to it’s overall impact on a general audience. (Don’t be mean)

And No, we don’t want to enlarge our penis, extend our sex drive, or buy weight loss magic.

Thank you for visiting our site I hope you enjoy your visit.


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